Comment spam fight guide

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Movable Type Comment spam fight guide.

This is an interesting document about how malicious or unwanted comments ('comment spam') affect weblogs, the techniques spammers use to abuse weblogs, and the tactics that can be used to prevent and defend against these attacks. Also included is a review of the strengths and weaknesses of each tactic, instructions for implementing them on your weblog and ones which we recommend for the best protection.

Throughout this document, they refer to comments and comment spam, but these references apply to all reader-submitted content, including both comments and TrackBacks, except where specified.

Document is here: Movable Type comment spam fight guide

Questo documento spiega alcune tecniche usate dagli spammer per mandare messagi di spam nei weblog e spiega alcune tecniche per combattere e prevenire questi messaggi di spam, veri e propri attacchi criminali.